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Graduation is just around the corner









If you never got Senior Portraits or simply are not happy with the ones you got, Give us a call. We can help you get the trendy look that will make your portraits stand out from the crowd. You don’t want your images to look like everyone else in your class.  Whether you want casual outdoor images, glamourous studio, or sports theme, we will give you something special that reflects your personality and style.

Fall is in the Air

One of the best things about fall is doing Senior Portraits. We actually start in the summer, but the fall weather is so much nicer to shoot outdoors. Here is a beautiful Senior we photographed at our favorite park, Alpine Park. Shortly after we did the shoot, we found out she had become one of the latest members of the Jacksonville Jaguar Roar Cheerleading Squad. Congratulations Kayla.

Alpine Park

What a great place to take Family Portraits. Alpine Park is just south of Jacksonville on SR 13. We have photographed Seniors here in the past but this was the first time we took a family here. And what a beautiful Family. The light was just right, the wind was calm, and boy did we get some beautiful images


Beautiful family Portrait at Alpine Park.


This could be a senior portrait. What a great subject.

Another Photo Opportunity!

After spending nearly five years working on my education, I finally finished my undergrad and eventually graduated with a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Florida. Being a proud member of the Gator Nation, I am anxious to put my business education to use and get back into photography. I have been a professional photographer since 1985 and have photographed everything from Weddings to Little Leagues. It has often been said that the business end of photography is the hardest part to master and that is why I invested so much time and money getting my business degree.

Jacksonville is a growing market and a wonderful place to nurture a photography business. I am going to spend the next few years developing my wedding, family, and senior portrait services. I will continue to also refine my Photoshop skills. I have been a Certified Photoshop Expert since 2001 and have been a user since version 3.0. I have a passion for digital imaging as well as digital video.

Besides my digital darkroom experience, I also have an innovative tool that is going to revolutionize the portrait industry. Not only does the Canon EOS 5D Mark2 deliver the highest quality still images available, but it will also enable me to deliver High Definition (1080P) Video for wedding, special event, as well as other clients. Never before has there been a tool that will merge together the two worlds of still and video imaging. This new market has been branded “Digital Imaging Fusion” and is taking the photo world by storm. We are anxious to implement this with our next wedding client.

Here is an image from the 5DM2 of a recent Senior.


Stay tuned for new images and videos in the next few months.

Tom Altman