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Cineasy Touch Button Enhancement for Sony Alpha Cameras

The Sony A7S camera is one of the best video cameras in the market. And the Sony A6000 camera is one of the best crop sensor hybrid cameras. But it is not easy to use their video feature. The video record button is too small, awkwardly placed and slightly recessed.  This makes it very difficult to activate without much searching and fumbling around.  It sometimes requires removing your eyes from the viewfinder to even locate the button.  All this searching and fumbling around can cause shaky footage or missing the action all together.

This is why we created the Cineasy Touch Button Enhancement. This device, for the Sony Alpha line of mirrorless cameras will help your camera to capture video just as easily as it does still images. The Cineasy Touch installs in just minutes and is very intuitive and extremely responsive.  It provides a larger point of contact which can easily be found without removing your eye from the view finder.

It simply attaches to the neck strap eyelet nearest the video button with the included screw. You will no longer have to concentrate on finding the record button.  You will be free to concentrate on film making. You will love it so much you will never remove it from your camera.  Please follow the links below for purchase options. Thank you.

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Model for Sony A7S

Model for Sony A6000